Friday, 28 January 2011

My first Etsy treasury

OK so I'm a bit slow, but I've only recently realised that anyone can create a Treasury on Etsy now -I did try before but they were strictly limited and I never got close.

So to mark the second anniversary of our amazing Antarctica adventure, I've made a Treasury called "Antarctic Dreaming".

Now, if only I knew how to show a preview of it here... you'll just have to take a look. Go on, it's pretty cool (sorry):

Monday, 24 January 2011

Water’s Edge Bowl

At last, I’ve added a new bowl design to my collection. This one is meant to evoke the margins of a lake or pond in summer, with impressions of bulrushes, flag irises, cotton grass and forget-me-nots amongst rushes and grasses.

Like my Meadow, Country Garden and Hedgerow bowls, it’s constructed entirely of thread – free machined on soluble fabric.

I’ve made three so far, and the first one is in my Etsy shop. But now I’m wondering (a little late, I know), do those plants have the same names in other countries? My description might make no sense at all to someone who’s not in the UK! Hmm, bit of research needed.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Loose Ends

January. A time for tidying up the loose ends of the old year. Filing, accounting, yawn… And all the unsold work is returning from Xmas exhibitions – help, where can I put it all?!
But I’m really pleased with my sales at Platform, Signature and Craven. Online sales picked up nicely in December too, but I know I need to try harder with my virtual shops – that’s one thing to focus on in 2011.