Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Back to work

Plunged straight back into textile art world this week.

Remember these?

Waiting on the doormat was their invitation to the Platform Gallery’s Lancs and Yorks Craft Open. Yay!

And today I did my stint stewarding at the Grassington Festival exhibition. Pleased to see two of my little bowls will be going to new homes. Met quite a few visitors, but also had plenty of time for a good close look at the art. It’s a mixed exhibition, but there’s a lot of textile art – two other members of Textilia III, Catherine Slater (felt) and Linda Dewart (paint and stitch), plus Gill Kirk’s free machine stitch on recycled fabrics (sorry, can’t find any links) and Agnis Smallwood’s woven and needle felted panels. This huge piece of Agnis’s is really striking:
Now I “just” have to get back into actually creating something...

(PS is this bigger text an improvement? Can't seem to alter it now anyway!)

Monday, 27 June 2011

The Isle of Skye

Just back from a lovely week in Skye. Such an amazing island, wild and beautiful, we’ve been many times but it just gets harder and harder to leave… sigh.

At high tide the sea came in to a few feet from our cottage window, so the view changed all the time and we didn’t even need the binoculars to watch the herons and grebes fishing.

Glorious wildflowers everywhere, including masses of my favourite foxgloves and flag irises. Inspiring colour palettes for stitching.

Standing on top of the Quiraing (see photo) we spotted whales in the bay way below and tore off to see them a bit closer. Probably Minke – as we last saw in Antarctica! We seem to like the same places ;-)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Blooming Marvellous Festival of Delights

That’s the summery theme of this year’s Grassington Festival, and I’m delighted to be taking part in a small way.

“Artists, printers, illustrators and makers of contemporary craft from all over the country exhibit high quality work relating to botanicals and blooms.”

Yesterday I delivered these two framed pieces, plus four of my little thread bowls. They’ll be on display in the town hall from 18th June to 2nd July.

This is an amazing festival, bringing world class music, theatre, comedy, film and visual arts to the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales. Plus workshops, walks, and the bunting challenge – the longest stretch of bunting in the world (yes, an actual Guinness Record) was created last year, for the Festival’s 30th birthday!

I’m so lucky, it’s just a few miles up Wharfedale for me – but it’s well worth travelling a lot further for if you can.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sample Diary – May

Hmm… didn’t realise until now that this bunch were so dull! And the cloudy day doesn’t help when it comes to taking their photos. Never mind, it’s only a game I play with myself.

1. Wave power. Free machining. Couldn’t get the true colours to come out on this, shades of viridian, but scanner made a slightly better job than camera.
2. Lightning. Free machining. Astro metallic thread failing to show its pretty variegation.3. Hepworth gallery. Bonded applique and free machining. Most fun was the gold threads across the middle – I was going to use soluble (as I do so often) but remembered just in time that I could just stitch in space! 4. Pylons. Auto and free machine stitch. A lesson in (lack of) control.