Sunday, 25 July 2010

Webbed Feat (sorry...)

A whole week without anything stitchy at all! But my new website is almost complete. Just one set of images left to add.

I've gone for a simple, subtle grey theme - the pic above (from one of my 'Flock' pieces) is my banner. My links collection is bigger than ever, with lots more textile artists and suppliers added - only ones I personally find interesting or useful in some way, I don't swap links. Really useful for me, and hopefully for other textiley people too.

IF I'm feeling brave this coming week I'll redirect my main URL ( to the new site, but if you want a preview just click here:

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Christmas is coming!

Not a lot of actual stitching this week I'm afraid. But I have been planning what I need to make next, and realising it's time to focus on christmas exhibitions. Less than three months before I have to deliver. Aargh, where has the time gone?

Also writing up the Antarctica pieces I finished last week. I know it sounds really boring (well, that's because it is) but I always keep notes of materials, techniques, measurements etc., plus reasons for my choices and ideas for the future. It'd be much more tedious to have to re-invent the wheel over and over again - saves a lot of time when I want to do something similar. Was it Lutradur 70 or 100, how did I finally manage to transfer the design? It's all there, along with photos and samples.

More exciting, I've been creating a new website to replace my tired old one. Not quite ready yet, but I'm really pleased with how quickly and easily it's coming together.

Sunday, 11 July 2010


Yesss!!! BIG tick - handed in all my work for the Textilia III exhibition yesterday. The show's called "Differing Viewpoints", and it's at the Piece Hall in Halifax from 7th August (details on Textilia III website).

I made four framed pieces, Antarctica-inspired but not literal, in a limited palette of white and blue; I hope they look like a coherent body of work. They're all "extreme machine embroidery", using smashed china, plastic, wire and soluble fabric (yes my Bernina hates me). I'm not going to show them properly until the exhibition's up, but here's a taster:

I also made five little "Ice Melt" thread bowls:

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Orkney v. Antarctica

Skara Brae

The other week I was in Orkney, and I've been going through the photos again - so much inspiration for textile art! The stunning Neolithic monuments of Skara Brae, Maeshowe, Stenness and Brodgar - places I've always wanted to see that definitely didn't disappoint. And the fascinating geology exposed along the coast, such as Yesnaby's subtly patterned rocks laid down in Lake Orcadie some 400my ago.

But... no time for that just now, as I've still got work to finish for the next Textilia III exhibition and it's due in next week. This is continuing my Antarctica theme - something I'm finding really difficult. The expedition to Antarctica last year was absolutely wonderful, but it's left me feeling a bit frustrated and inadequate. I'm burning to highlight both the beauty and the environmental issues of that incredible continent, but finding it impossible to do it justice. I have made quite a few pieces, but I'm only scratching the surface - hopefully something more powerful will emerge eventually?

Thursday, 1 July 2010

If you can't beat them...

Hello Blogosphere! Here I am at last. Not a natural blogger, I've resisted as long as possible, preferring chat groups to solo spots. But the time has come... or quite possibly, it's passed and blogging will die out from the day I finally join in.

Why now? Well like anyone working at home alone, I'm constantly fighting distraction and procrastination. I've realised (a bit late, I know) an online diary might help by prodding me to achieve more, just to have something to write about and pictures to show. It's also a way of making my work more visible - for constructive feedback, and maybe more exhibiting and selling opportunities.

There, I've done it. The first baby step. Watch this space!