Saturday, 16 April 2011

What if.... ?

Walking through Strid Wood this morning, passed the bodger's shelter (which isn't usually deserted as in this vid - I was early). Couldn't resist pocketing a few of the beautiful wood shavings - thin and still flexible, some with bark still attached. I shouldn't be so cruel to my Bernina... but there must be something I can do with these?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring Sale!

Time for a spring clean! I've knocked A THIRD OFF all my felted crochet jewellery, on both Etsy and Folksy (see the SALE section). Grab a bargain now, and help me find space for lots of new textiley delights.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Picture trouble (testing)

Sorry, just ignore me - trying to see why Blogger didn't load my photo properly. Amongst other frustrations! Grrr. Well I did it exactly the same as last time but now it enlarges as it should. Why is Blogger such a pain? Or is it just me.

Sample Diary – March

Wheat – basket stitch on machined background.
Tsunami – digitised text on base of layered scraps and FME, heat-distressed.
Cosmos – wool knops and fibres, embellisher.
Nuclear hazard – digitised embroidery.
Snowdonia – embellisher felting + FME.

I have to admit I’m struggling with this. Finding it hard to spot any pictures in the newspaper that inspire me, especially when there’s been so much bad news. The exercise isn’t about representing the main events of the year, but sometimes it seems wrong to ignore all the tragedy.

So I'm not really enjoying it and I'm not happy with the results - however much I tell myself they're only meant to be samples, not art. It's also harder than the bought diaries I've used before because I don't know what picture I'm working with until the end of the week (often after a rummage through the recycling bin, gg), and I can't look ahead and jot down ideas for pics I can see coming up.

Maybe I should let myself off the hook and stick to my favourite subject, only choosing nature/environment images? It’s only meant to be for a quick fix of fun and variety after all, not an ordeal. That's three whole months done though!