Thursday, 22 December 2011

Here comes the sun

Living where we do, with Ilkley Moor rising behind us to the south, there are a few weeks in winter when we don’t see the sun at all. So the solstice is definitely something to celebrate! And this is the song for it - no, not that Beatles one, but nearly as ancient (please don’t remind me exactly how old) -Jethro Tull, “Ring Out Solstice Bells”.

Wishing everyone a very happy solstice.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

In Print

For many years now, Caroline Mornement’s “Craft Galleries Guide” (BCF Books) has helped me find new galleries to visit all over the UK. A new edition has just been published – but unfortunately it’s the last. Another casualty of the Internet I suppose.


But, there was a lovely surprise when my copy arrived - I got a mention! This piece of mine, Botanica 1, is featured in the Platform Gallery’s entry.


If you order before the end of March it’s only £12.50 inc. p&p from BCF Books.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Sample Diary–November

Not much further to go now! I was determined to post this today but the light is awful so apologies for even worse than usual photos.GD44

Week 44 - Autumn foliage at Newstead Abbey, Notts.  Dyed scrims embellished onto felt from the back.


Week 45 – Launch of the new Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior.  Digitised machine embroidery. Not perfect, but you get the idea.


Week 46 – Rolled up garments, illustrating article about increased prices.  Thick wool yarns applied to felt using the embellisher. 


Week 47 – “Field of Light” art installation in Bath.  Free machined, trailing threads fixed down with Misty Fuse.

Only one more month to do, though it’s a five week one at a busy time… thoughts turn to next year’s project? I enjoyed using bought diaries for my first four years (!) of this, it’s a good challenge to do something you wouldn’t necessarily choose plus I liked being able to look ahead and make notes for future weeks. Using newspaper pictures this year was tougher, but I doubt I can go back to a diary as there’s not much choice of suitable/appealing ones (A5-ish with an illustration for each week) that are different to the ones I’ve done already. Maybe I could take my own photo to use each week? Hmm…