Sunday, 18 July 2010

Christmas is coming!

Not a lot of actual stitching this week I'm afraid. But I have been planning what I need to make next, and realising it's time to focus on christmas exhibitions. Less than three months before I have to deliver. Aargh, where has the time gone?

Also writing up the Antarctica pieces I finished last week. I know it sounds really boring (well, that's because it is) but I always keep notes of materials, techniques, measurements etc., plus reasons for my choices and ideas for the future. It'd be much more tedious to have to re-invent the wheel over and over again - saves a lot of time when I want to do something similar. Was it Lutradur 70 or 100, how did I finally manage to transfer the design? It's all there, along with photos and samples.

More exciting, I've been creating a new website to replace my tired old one. Not quite ready yet, but I'm really pleased with how quickly and easily it's coming together.

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