Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Back to work

Plunged straight back into textile art world this week.

Remember these?

Waiting on the doormat was their invitation to the Platform Gallery’s Lancs and Yorks Craft Open. Yay!

And today I did my stint stewarding at the Grassington Festival exhibition. Pleased to see two of my little bowls will be going to new homes. Met quite a few visitors, but also had plenty of time for a good close look at the art. It’s a mixed exhibition, but there’s a lot of textile art – two other members of Textilia III, Catherine Slater (felt) and Linda Dewart (paint and stitch), plus Gill Kirk’s free machine stitch on recycled fabrics (sorry, can’t find any links) and Agnis Smallwood’s woven and needle felted panels. This huge piece of Agnis’s is really striking:
Now I “just” have to get back into actually creating something...

(PS is this bigger text an improvement? Can't seem to alter it now anyway!)

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Beverley said...

Hope the stewarding went well and more sales? And yes the bigger text is better for us bleary eyed!