Monday, 27 June 2011

The Isle of Skye

Just back from a lovely week in Skye. Such an amazing island, wild and beautiful, we’ve been many times but it just gets harder and harder to leave… sigh.

At high tide the sea came in to a few feet from our cottage window, so the view changed all the time and we didn’t even need the binoculars to watch the herons and grebes fishing.

Glorious wildflowers everywhere, including masses of my favourite foxgloves and flag irises. Inspiring colour palettes for stitching.

Standing on top of the Quiraing (see photo) we spotted whales in the bay way below and tore off to see them a bit closer. Probably Minke – as we last saw in Antarctica! We seem to like the same places ;-)


karen said...

Skye looks wonderful....

Lynda Howells said...

What a lucky person you are ..beautiful place of the many places on my wish list of places to travel. My art page is http://tryingtocreatearteveryday.blogspot
but thought it was funny that my Photo diary is called.. is why your blog caught my attention!Ha