Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sample Diary – May

Hmm… didn’t realise until now that this bunch were so dull! And the cloudy day doesn’t help when it comes to taking their photos. Never mind, it’s only a game I play with myself.

1. Wave power. Free machining. Couldn’t get the true colours to come out on this, shades of viridian, but scanner made a slightly better job than camera.
2. Lightning. Free machining. Astro metallic thread failing to show its pretty variegation.3. Hepworth gallery. Bonded applique and free machining. Most fun was the gold threads across the middle – I was going to use soluble (as I do so often) but remembered just in time that I could just stitch in space! 4. Pylons. Auto and free machine stitch. A lesson in (lack of) control.

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