Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sample Diary - September

I’m a bit late with this! But even the Ilkley Art Trail can’t stop me now, when I’ve got so far through the year. Each week a little textile doodle in response to a picture from the newspaper.  


Week 35 – Space junk orbiting Earth

Paint spatters and cross stitch.







Week 36 – David Hockney’s Yorkshire tree paintings

Background of embellished felt/wool fibres, free machine embroidery.







Week 37 – New Dyson “Hot” fan heater

Paperclips, hand stitch.






Week 38 – Protest against corruption in Brazilian politics

They planted hundreds of brooms on Copacabana beach! Great idea, would I have heard about it if they just had boring placards?

Free machine embroidery on soluble fabric for broom heads, zigzag covered wire for handles.



Week 39 – Proposal to raise speed limit to 80 mph

Head- and tail-lights.

Free machine embroidery.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Love those paper clips! And the space junk is really effective - just shows what can be done with one simple stitch.