Monday, 2 January 2012

Sample Diary–December

This is it! The 2011 sample diary project is complete. Not quite sure whether that’s entirely a good thing… maybe getting a little OCD? But while some weeks are a real struggle, I do really enjoy looking back on the completed diaries – they’re a great resource for ideas and techniques.


Week 48 – Ice on the Vistula river. Sheer fabric and felt, embellished from the back.


Week 49 – Christmas market, Berlin. Free machine embroidery, hand embroidery, Flower Stitcher.


Week 50 – Large Hadron Collider glimpses the Higgs boson. Bonded chiffon, embellished scrim and threads.


Week 51 – Hot Snowman by Gary Hume. Thread scraps bonded with MistyFuse.


Week 52 – Stalked Barnacles, new creatures discovered at hydrothermal vents. Tubular yarn stuffed with thick wool and stranded cotton, knotted and linked.

So, time to decide about this year’s sample project – the first week is already underway! My own photos or a bought diary? Or a break, to prove I’m not hopelessly addicted? Hmm.

Happy 2012!

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