Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sample Project 2012 - January

You wouldn’t believe the number of subjects, sources and formats I’ve dithered over for this year’s weekly sample project. I couldn’t find anything that really grabbed me, and yet wouldn’t be too time consuming. In fact I was close to not bothering at all… but as January went on I realised I missed the little weekly shot of variety and challenge too much. But, it also became clear that I didn’t want to spend too long choosing (or even taking) each week’s source picture.

The bought diaries I used for the first four years were great, but I can’t find another that I like – Earth From the Air is repeating photos I’ve already used, and the remaining Taschen great artists series don’t appeal.

In the end I’ve decided to use a book I already have: Underwater Eden – 365 Days. Each week I’ll have seven photos to choose from. I’ll mount the sample on a postcard size card with a scan of the photo plus notes on the back.

Here we go then… 


Week 1: Giant Sea Fan

Free machining.







Week 2: Garibaldi fish scales

Layers of sheer synthetic fabric, machine stitched with scallop pattern, soldered out.




Week 3: Crinoid

Free zigzag stitch, layering colours, on patterned cotton fabric.








Week 4: Blue spotted ribbontail stingray

Wool tops felted on embellisher.

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mycamerandme365 said...

This is an interesting series that I'm going to enjoy observing over the weeks and months.
Sue M.