Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sample Project 2012 - March

Loved this month’s images from Underwater Eden, and I think one or two of the samples might lead somewhere! As always, they’re very different to the work I’m doing for exhibition and sale – which is the whole point.


Week 9: Slate Pencil Sea Urchin

Free machining.







Week 10: Jewel Anemones

Organza coloured with transfer paints, free machine embroidery, cut out using soldering iron.








Week 11: Northern Red Anemone

Hand stitch in two shades of fine woolly yarn.





Week 12: Urn Tunicates

Flower stitcher zigzag circle on velvet, cut and pierced with soldering iron, green felt behind to show through holes.






Week 13: Skin of a Lunartail Grouper

Merino fibres and commercial felt applied with embellisher machine.


Beverley said...

Oh wow Anne - particularly like Week 10, must make more of those.

chocolatefrog said...

Thanks, that's my fave too!