Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New work


I almost finished this piece a few weeks back, then put it aside to focus on more urgent things… OK, and dither a bit about the last stages, too.

I haven’t decided on its name yet, but it’s inspired by a starry sky – the constellation of Orion to be exact (the only one I can recognise, I’m ashamed to admit).

The picture above is just a section, the whole piece is quite wide - seemed to suit the panoramic view you get looking out on a clear night, if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere without too much light pollution.

What probably isn’t obvious is that the stars are machine embroidered on dissolvable fabric, so they make what I’m thinking of as “star lace”. Does that  sound crazy? I’d be much easier to just embroider them on a black background fabric. But I do prefer the effect – even though they’re not raised above the backing (like most of my pieces), they still stand out more than if they were part of it. And hey, I like a challenge…


Wendy said...

This is a beautiful piece.

Iz said...

Absolutely stunning!