Monday, 4 February 2013

Sample Project 2013 - January

Ta dah! Here beginneth the SEVENTH year of my weekly sample projects!

This year I’ve got a John Muir Trust “Wild Nature Diary” to work with. Each week has a photo – wildlife, landscape, plants – which I’ll use as the inspiration for a little sample that I’ll stick on the facing page.

BUT, I’ve given myself permission to stray as far as I like from the photos, as I’m feeling the lack of hard lines, unnatural colours, man made patterns etc. after last year’s 52 samples from marine life.

If you’d like to see all my 2012 samples, just put Sample Project 2012 in the search box on this blog. 

So here’s the first batch for 2013.



Week 1: Ice crystals on tree branches

(Photo of robin in frosty tree)

Black and grey speckled chenille thread couched onto blue polycotton using spiky straight stitches in stranded cotton.






Week 2: Reeds in lochan

(Photo of Rannoch Moor)

Straight stitch in stranded cotton on poly “silk”.






Week 3: Snow shading

(Photo of mountain hare sheltering in snow hole)

Pale blue felt embellished onto white felt from the back.






Week 4: The Schiehallion Experiment

(Photo of Schiehallion mountain in snow)

The mountain was used in 1774 for an experiment to determine the mean density of the earth. Contour lines were devised to survey it.

Free machine embroidery, built in patterns, and hand stitch on cotton.  



Week 5: Red deer fur, contrast where neck meets shoulder

(Photo of red deer stag in snow)

Background of brown and rust felts embellished onto white felt. FME in several shades of brown.

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