Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sample Project 2013 - March

One sample per week inspired (loosely) by the photo in my John Muir Trust Wild Nature Diary. Just playing!


Week 10: Snowdrops

(Photo of snowdrops in woodland) 

Felting and hand stitch in wool threads on Aquasol.





Week 11: Fingal’s Cave

(Photo of the basalt columns of the cave on Staffa)

Sheet music for Mendelssohn’s Fingal’s Cave Overture, pleated into columns, layered, machine stitched in the turquoise colour of the sea in the photo.





Week 12: Frog spawn

(Photo of frogs with text about spawning)

Black dots of craft Vilene machine stitched in four layers of sheer fabric.






Week 13: Wild daffodils

(Photo of daffodils in woodland)

Contrasting record warmth of March 2012 with record cold of March 2013!My own photo of wild daffodils in Farndale on 27/3/12 transferred onto cotton fabric, then machine stitched with white lines to represent the snow of 27/3/13.



So that’s a quarter of the year done!

If anyone’s noticed this blog is even quieter than it used to be, that’s because I’m spending more time on FaceBook at the moment. Come over and say hi!

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Emma said...

These are just delicious, as are the pieces on the last post (or 2!) I ADORE the frog spawn! I've never seen the Old Man floating in stitch before, lovely ;)