Friday, 3 May 2013

Sample Project 2013–April

So here are we are, a third of the year gone – or 17 weekly samples. I’m still hanging on in there…
I’m quite pleased with how little these textile bits resemble the photos in my John Muir Trust Wild Nature Diary!

2013-14 Week 14: Cross bedding
(Photo of Millstone Grit outcrop in Derbys.)
I used a typical cross bedding pattern as found in Millstone Grit, from a geology text book.
Free machined on Aquasol, in moorland colours over a white supporting grid (which wasn’t supposed to show up against a white background!). Tedious. 


Week 15: Adder markings
(Photo of adders)
Knitted (!) in tapestry wool then embellished onto black felt.
Makes a change but I think I’ll stick to embroidery.

Week 16: Dandelion
(Photo of dandelion seed head)
Decided to do an Angie Lewin style dandelion. I see a lot of AL rip-offs, not always credited, but I think I can be excused for a fun sample.
Bondawebbed applique and free machining on cotton. Fun! Maybe I should try using actual permanent fabric more often.

Week 17: Heron feathers
(Photo of heron)
Based on the rather straggly looking feathers on a heron’s wing.
Long straight stitches in a subtly shaded Stef Francis mercerised cotton thread, on a double layer of hand dyed cotton fabric.

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