Friday, 14 June 2013

Sample Project 2013 - May

A little late - but I had a good excuse, see previous post!

Five samples this month, some more literal* than others.

* They're inspired by the photo for that week in a 2013 John Muir Trust Wild Nature Diary.

Week 18: Frost-shattered rock
(Photo of jagged summit rocks of Glyder Fawr)
My own handmade  mottled grey paper over black cotton fabric. Machine stitched then cut back.
Week 19: Dipper
(Photo of dipper bird with moss in its beak)
White felt embellished onto brown for the bird's distinctive "bib".
Its Latin name Cinlus cinlus free machined across this in moss green. But not boldly enough!
Week 20: Larch flower
(Photo of larch flowers - cones-to-be)
Green Lutradur "petals" free machined then burned out with a soldering iron and hand stitched together in overlapping pattern. Hmm, potential...
Week 21: Mupe Rocks at sunset
(Photo of Mupe Rocks, Dorset)
Black cotton bonded to pelmet Vilene. Very long straight stitches in Stef Francis space dyed fine cotton threads, leaving rock areas unstitched.
Week 22: Wood sorrel leaves
(Photo of wood sorrel plants)
Tweedy fabric embellished with scrim from the back. Heart shapes cut from green paper and hand stitched to the background in threes. I resisted doing the flowers because I did so many wood anemones recently! And because the leaves are wonderful on their own.

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