Thursday, 31 October 2013

Sample Project 2013 - October

Another five sample month!  My John Muir Trust Wild Nature Diary is getting nice and fat now, with textile samples sparked by the weekly photos.

Week 40: Bracken among heather
(Photo of Cumbrian fells)
Purple scrim embellished onto green felt. Bracken fronds made by free machining on dissolvable fabric.
Sample 41: Confluence of two streams
(Photo of two Cumbrian becks merging)
Built in machine embroidery pattern stitched on Kunin felt in two different shades of blue. Cut out then twisted together.
Sample 42: Kingfisher plumage
(Photo of kingfisher)
Orange and turquoise/blue wool fibres embellished onto white wool felt. Free machined spots.
Sample 43: Giant's Causeway polygonal columns
(Photo of Giant's Causeway)
Hand stitched on paper with stranded cottons.
Sample 44: Hedgehog spines
(Photo of hedgehog)
Kunin felt embellished with hand dyed scrim. Hand stitch with stranded cottons. 


Beverley said...

Lovely... can we see the bulging book at the end? And.... r u shopping for the next diary?

chocolatefrog said...

Is bulginess a measure of success in this?! No idea what I'll do next year, but I've tried doing nothing and that doesn't work... any ideas?