Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sample Project 2013 - November

Aaaaahh... nearly there! And thoughts begin to turn to next year's weekly sample project - or is there even going to be one, maybe this madness has gone on long enough? Hmmm.

Week 45: Waterfalls
(Photo of Cotter Force, Wensleydale)
Three layers of black felt with Tencel fibres embellished over.

Week 46: Moss-festooned trees
(Photo of mossy woods in Glen Orchy)
Wool yarn embellished onto brown felt branch, with trailing ends. Branch then embellished onto suiting fabric.

Week 47: Colourfully banded fungus
(Photo of polypore fungi)
Free machined straight stitch on muslin stretched in a hoop.
Week 48: Elgol five ships legend
(Photo of Elgol, Skye)
According to legend, the name Elgol derives from a sea battle fought by the Picts and Scots against the five ships of Aella, a lieutenant of Vortigern (5thC ruler of southern Britain).
Ship outlines free machined on hand dyed calico.


Iz said...

Yes! Do it! What did you have in mind for next year?!

chocolatefrog said...

Maybe something where I can share the source, not someone else's copyright photos? And probably on FB not blog. But beyond that, no idea!