Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Welcome to my new studio!

After a relocation of nearly 400 miles from Ilkley (Yorkshire) to the Isle of Skye, I'm now all set up in my new studio - fancy a peek? 
Sorry the photos are a bit dark - there's too much light streaming in the window, reflected off the sea! Because this is the best bit, the view from my desk:
I look out on Broadford Bay, to the islands of Scalpay, Longay and Pabay and the Applecross peninsula of mainland Scotland. The constantly changing light and sea are mesmerising, the shore teems with birds, and there's always the chance of an otter passing by. Inspiring, or distracting? We'll see...
John has done sooo much work on this room for me, I'm really grateful and delighted with how it's turned out. It was quite dingy when we arrived, but he's painted it all white, including the dark wood around the windows, and installed extra lights over both tables. Then three sets of shelves have been installed, and all my cupboards have been reassembled.
Now my machines are set up and most of my boxes are unpacked. I'm itching to stitch! What shall I tackle first? Um... curtains. The rest of the house isn't quite as complete. 
Feeling very lucky... I'll leave you with a closer view from the window:


Anonymous said...

it's gorgeous and I am jealous.
Howver it won't be a 'proper' studio until you have messed it up a bit! :-)

Iz said...

Wow, just wow!! Oh my, the jealousy...!

Beverley said...

Wow, wow and more wow. Looks stunning. I wonder if your new surroundings will emerge in your work. Curtains..... Noooooooo, unless you want to stop otters peeping in. Anyway you're an artist, don't do curtain making.