Friday, 22 December 2017


Christmas... a time to brighten up the darkest days of winter with twinkly lights and thoughtful gifts, sumptuous feasts and cards to old friends.

But sometimes it all gets a bit too much... commercialisation, pressure, hard work, waste... Around now I tend to have a "bah, humbug!" phase.

So here's a little seasonal offering - my own design for a crocheted humbug. Make alternative (tongue in cheek?) decorations, or something to fling at grumpy people. Perhaps taking a break to create a silly humbug will bring back the simple childish pleasure, help you keep sane... or make a point to those around you.

Most importantly - have fun!

 Crochet Humbug

designed by Anne Honeyman, aka chocolatefrog,

Alternative Christmas decoration!
  • hang on the tree
  • free standing ornament
  • or make a whole garland
Other ideas:
  • bean bags (for catch or juggling)
  • keyring or bag charm
  • Earrings
You will need 
Small quantities of white and black yarn, thickness depending on size of humbug, and a crochet hook to match:
Mini, e.g. for garlands or keyrings (about 4cm): no. 10 crochet cotton, 1.5 hook
Medium, e.g. for tree decoration (about 5-6cm): 4ply cotton, 2.5 hook
Large, e.g. for free standing ornament or bean bag (about 9cm): D.K. or Aran wool, 4.0 hook
You will also need a little toy stuffing.
ch = chain    ss = slip st    dc = double crochet
To make
Using white, work 15 ch
Round 1
Skip 1st ch, 1 dc in next 13 ch, 3 dc in last ch. Now work back along the bottom loops of the foundation ch: 1 dc in next 12 ch, 2 dc in final ch (30 dc). Ss in 1st dc to join.
Round 2
1ch, 1dc in each dc, ss in 1st dc to join.
Rounds 3 and 4
As Round 2
Rounds 5 and 6
Change to black, work as round 2
Rounds 7 to 10
White, as round 2
Repeat rounds 5 to 10 once more, so you have 3 wide white bands separated by two narrow black bands.
Fasten off leaving  long tail for sewing up.
To complete
You will now have a little square pouch. Put a pin in the top edge at each side/fold. Bring the pins together to make the humbug shape. Stitch closed in this shape, stuffing carefully before closing the gap completely.  Add a hanging loop if you want, perhaps a length of crochet chain. 

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Beverley said...

Love the humbugs I own.... should I make myself or keep the specialiness of your creation.....