Sunday, 7 November 2010

Exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions!

Not as much to blog about as I hoped recently - I managed (only just) a stint stewarding at Contemporary Craven Christmas in Skipton, and then succumbed to a nasty bug and missed the opening of Textilia's third exhibition this year at the Signature Gallery in Kendal. I did make it to the opening of the Platform Gallery's Christmas show, "Kaleidoscope", in Clitheroe yesterday though - and that's well worth seeing. I've got five "shadow play" pieces in there, and some little ones in the shop area as well. Shoal (above) sold quickly, but I'm making another - might even try gold fish (!) this time for a change?
Temptations at Platform include James Lethbridge's gorgeous clear glass sculptural forms (below) and wooden automata by Susan R Evans (I think) - one incredibly detailed one in natural shades of wood was a woman scuba diving, hair floating out around her. When you turn the handle the diver, seaweed fronds and fishes all move around. Reminded me of Kate Humble! Extra little creatures, octopus, jelly fish etc amongst the workings. I don't usually go for automata, but this was great fun, sorry I can't find any photos.

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