Monday, 19 September 2011


What a wet and windy week to pick for a break! But we dodged around the stormy weather and got out and about in the Dales and the Lakes.
It’s years since I stopped at Aysgarth (Wensleydale) for a close look at the falls… I don’t remember proper paths, and certainly not the carvings dotted around. Love this fence:
AysgarthMiddleFenceNot a good pic, sorry, but it reads “Thunderous water conquers rock – a waterfall is born”. 
A spectacular visit to the Lakes too, managed to choose the best day of the week and stayed a night at the lovely Yewfield veggie B&B near Hawkshead. We had a room in the tower with wonderful views:
So now I’m all set up for the final push to the Christmas exhibitions and the first ever Ilkley Art Trail. The next few weeks are going to be frantic. It feels like however much I make, it won’t be enough, or won’t be the right thing to focus on.
I made a new batch of bowls the other week, but suddenly it’s bookmarks that are flying off the virtual shelves.
Four of these (three different designs) set off for new homes today, so I need to stitch some more fast – but which, and how many?  Aaargh!

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Beverley said...

Those views are so beautiful, can easily see how they would recharge the soul. Great news on the sales - many more to come at the Trail.