Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sample Diary–August

It’s that time again! Working towards several exhibitions, I wonder if I should make time for this – but I’m hooked, over half way through the year I really can’t let it slide now.

GD31   Week 31 – Restored Wrest Park garden opening to the public (the Italian Garden)

French knots. Enough French Knots to last this machine stitcher a long time.






Week 32 – Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

Different textured yarns couched onto felt using the embellisher.






Week 33 – Heather in bloom on the North York Moors.

Yes, that’s the North York, not North Yorkshire, Moors all you southern hacks! 

Dyed scrim embellished onto felt from the back.




Week 34 – “Life comes in 8.7m varieties”, 2.2m of them in the sea

Free machining on felt over Romeo.

Turned out interestingly stiff, hmmm, potential…

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ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

I like your August selection very much - a great range of techniques...and yes, that's a lot of French knots!