Sunday, 19 August 2012

Lots of Lovely Links


Back in ye olden days (late 1990s!) I set up my first website as a place to store all the textile art links I’d found. There was nothing like it around at the time, so lots of people took to using it, especially students.

Over the years search engines evolved, the web grew exponentially, and it became much easier for everyone to find textile art for themselves. My site gradually focused more on my own work.

But my link collection is still there, and still growing. I list artists, galleries, supplies & services, arts organisations, and publications, all in alphabetical order. Websites, not blogs – there’s other ways to collect those.

I don’t do “reciprocal links”. I just add anything I personally find beautiful, interesting or useful, so it’s obviously biased towards my tastes – lots of embroidery, some paper, not so much quilting. And the suppliers are mostly UK ones.

I’ve just finished checking and updating it, so I thought it was a good time to share – why don’t you grab a cuppa and enjoy a browse? I’m sure you’ll find something new or forgotten, I always do!   


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Gina said...

What a brilliant resource.