Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sample Project 2012 - September

I found this month’s pictures a bit challenging. And I still struggle to remember that I don’t have to try and reproduce the chosen one! I must keep trying to loosen up – all I’m aiming for is a little sample triggered by the “Underwater Eden” photo, it really doesn’t matter if I haven’t got the right colour fabric or thread!


Week 36: Caribbean Reef Shark (eye)

Machine stitch and applique, using Lutradur foiled with Misty Fuse, organza, felt and metallic fabric.






Week 37: Glassy Sweepers

Blurred image of moving fish.

Viscose fibres embellished onto felt. Rubbish, this one, but I’m proud of myself for accepting it and moving on instead of wasting time trying to perfect something that didn’t grab me.  



Week 38: Yellowfin Goatfish

These fish had striking yellow tails and lines along their bodies so I managed to just do those!

Fly stitch on background of embellished felt and scrim.




Week 39: Marine Iguana

An abstracted section of part of the iguana’s spiny back against the rock, weed and ocean.

Embellished background of felt, Wensleydale wool and bamboo fibres; blanket stitch.



Only three more months to go now!

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Iz said...

I really like these - even the little blue fish!