Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sample Project 2012–August

A five sample month. And two thirds of the way through.

More stitchy bits inspired by photographs from the book “Underwater Eden –365 Days” by Jeffery L. Rotman. Each week I choose one of the seven photos relating to that week to work from. Lots of fish with jazzy skin turned up this month!



Week 31: Bicolor Parrotfish

Needle felting, using layers of commercial felt.








Week 32: Steepheaded Parrotfish

Machine embroidery (built-in scallop pattern) on brocade fabric.







Week 33: Honeycomb Cowfish

French knots on needle felted background.





Week 34: Colonial Anemones

Lutradur 30 shapes attached to black cotton fabric by free machining their centres only.







Week 35: Smooth Brittle Star

Bonded organza ribbons, Kunin felt applied with free machine embroidery.