Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Weekly sample project 2014

Did anyone ever wonder what happened to my 2014 weekly sample project?

Is there now an EIGHTH annual set of 52 samples jostling for space here, or was it abandoned?

And, which of those outcomes would be the biggest achievement for me?!

I’m a little disappointed to confess that once again I just HAD TO complete it.  

But I did manage not to blog about it all year, so here’s the catch up.

The idea was to do absolutely any textile technique as long as the sample fitted on a 5 cm square of card.
What did I learn?
  • not challenging enough, I could stay in my comfort zone
  • too much choice, for a quick weekly exercise I prefer more constraints
  • 5 cm is pretty small!
Techniques used:
  • Hand embroidery (lots – that was nice for a change; tried some new stitches too)
  • Machine embroidery (not much, I spend the rest of my time on that) 
  • Embellisher (love it but not much scope at this size)
  • Crochet (aaah... wish I had more use for this)

So, it still makes a nice change from the day job!

And I end up with a great collection of samples to trawl through when I’m looking for inspiration. Now I should really make all those little squares a special box, shouldn’t I…


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Iz said...

That's interesting, that you missed the constraints!