Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Weekly Sample Project 2015 – Newspaper Images

What do you mean the year’s nearly a twelfth gone already?!
I have been quietly getting on with my latest challenge, honest - just too busy to blog it.
I wanted challenge, constraints, variety, nudging out of my comfort zone. But also manageable, and shareable.
So, the idea is:
  • Choose an image from the Saturday Guardian newspaper (any section)
  • Create a sample inspired by that image (trying to think laterally not literally)
  • Mount on an A4 page with the heading and original image
And sharing?
I’d like to blog these, including showing you the original image and context. Easy – just find the same article on the paper’s website, right?
Wrong. Apparently, the articles and images aren’t always the same online. So if I can’t find the image I want I’ll have to work with another one.
Nothing’s ever simple!

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Iz said...

Interesting! Look forward to seeing the results