Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Samples 2015: Week 1, Arches

Free machined over hand dyed threads and organza ribbon on sticky soluble fabric.

Remember (I have to tell myself) this is only a sample, a quick response to a found image. 

Source picture

Architects’ vision of London takes inspiration from 19th-century Paris. Quinlan and Francis Terry are spearheading a fight against the wave of skyscraper construction in London, beginning with a classically inspired design for the site of Hyde Park barracks.”
Sample design

OK so it’ll be black and white, and how can I get the brickwork pattern right…


Had to squash my initial reaction down and think more creatively. 

Decided to just do a simple row of arches, forget the detail and the actual colours. 

I arranged a hand dyed red-pink-purple perle cotton thread on sticky soluble, over a band of purple organza ribbon. Covered with Gulietta soluble then free machined a zigzag pattern (using straight stitch) to join the threads together.  

I used the white fabric kind of sticky soluble, it’s all I can get these days. But I’ve found before that I can’t get rid of the residue. At the Knitting & Stitching Show I asked Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn about this, and they said it works for them, I’m just not leaving it to soak long enough.  

So I thought I’d give it another chance with this little sample. No luck. The packet says to rinse away in room temperature water but it still doesn’t work for me, even with hot water and hours of soaking. 

Anyway I picked it all off the back eventually. Remind me not to use it again. Such a shame, the old clear plastic-like sticky soluble was wonderful!

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