Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Samples 2015: Week 4, Manchester

Background of blue felt embellished with wool fibres to introduce subtle colour variations. Orange wool fibres and yellow felt applied with embellisher. Free machined lines. Buttonhole stitch and French knots.

Source picture

“The new city centres: the alternative establishment that wants to wrest power from the capital. Britain’s locally elected leaders only control around 6% of their cities’ tax base – but in New York, it’s 50%. Now Britain’s 11 biggest cities outside London are teaming up to lobby for a major new wave of devolution.”

Manchester city centre at night.
Sample design
Section of photo abstracted and simplified, trying to avoid being too literal. Felting techniques lend themselves to this as it’s hard to reproduce fine detail!    


Iz said...

Fabulous! I'm loving all of these, but just haven't had time to say so until now x

Jackie said...

Love it.

Emma said...

Love your interpretation & I adore orange & blue together, delicious.