Monday, 25 May 2015

Saltaire Arts Trail

This is an amazing event, in a fascinating historic setting. There’s a makers’ fair, exhibitions, open houses, workshops and demos. Heaven!

A few of my highlights, with links for you to explore further:
Hannah Lamb, Linear Mapping. "An installation of 'threads' or strands suspended from the ceiling. Each of the threads is a record of a walk, a linear map, a record of time and place. Textile, porcelain, found materials, stitch, natural dye, construction, cyanotype." 
Valerie Wartelle - subtle, sophisticated felt wall pieces.

Stitching for the Soul, Beverley Holmes-Wright. Machine embroidery/applique pictures, with nice use of automatic embroidery patterns.
Georgina Parker, dissected maps. Incredibly intricate, delicate paper cutting, e.g. removing everything except the roads and rivers.
And Alice Fox's "Tide Marks","Gifts from the Pavement" etc. - fabric and paper marked and coloured by exposure to the environment or found objects, with the addition of hand stitching. 
And Lizzie Farey's willow sculptures, vessels and wall sculptures. Always a favourite of mine.
 And, and, and... too much to mention! An uplifting, inspiring day.   

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