Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Samples 2015: Week 20, Fibre-optic

Frayed sheer synthetic fabrics (those cheap scarves from Bombay Stores!), hand stitched to a base of felt. Very tiny sequins added – I had to photograph at an angle for these to show up, but then the frays went dull... never mind, you get the idea.
Source picture
Ofcom plans to force BT to open up fibre-optic network. BT likely to resist communications watchdog’s move aimed at cutting costs for households and businesses.”
A bundle of fibre optics used to send data. Photograph: Rafe Swan/Cultura RF/Getty Images
Sample design
I had some lovely ideas for this one… I especially fancied massed, layered hand stitches. But they were far too labour intensive for a busy week. So I went with the idea of fibres, and the finest to hand came from fraying bright sheer fabrics. With the teeniest silver sequins (I didn’t have any white and I make do with what I’ve got for this exercise) to represent the cable ends.  

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Gina said...

Love this one!