Sunday, 7 June 2015

Samples 2015: Week 22, Great Barrier Reef

Layers of felt, cut out then meshed together using the embellisher machine from front and back. (Only about 7cm wide.)

Source picture
From this article in the Saturday Guardian 30/05/15:
“Great Barrier Reef shouldn't be on 'in danger' list for now, says Unesco. World’s largest coral reef to remain on UN’s watchlist as draft ruling calls on Australia to ‘rigorously’ implement its conservation commitments."
The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has lost more than half of its coral cover in the past 30 years. Photograph: Andrew Watson/Getty Images
Sample design
A simplified but fairly faithful copy of a small section. I wanted to capture the raised areas and the colours – bright blue, white and brown isn’t a combination that would occur to me but I like it in these proportions. (My blue felt is closer to the source picture than it came out in my photo!)

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