Friday, 17 July 2015

Samples 2015: Week 28, Greece

Automatic machine embroidery patterns. Rayon 30 thread on Kunin felt.  
Source picture
“Going to Greece: a guide to the country, its islands and the best deals. Despite the economic storm, the sun is still shining in Greece, and the tavernas, beaches, ancient sites and vineyards are open for business. The country needs your help – so get a fistful of euros and go and have a good time with the help of our in-depth guide to the best deals, hotels, food and wine. 
Photograph: Alamy
Sample design
Wonderful patterns, but tricky to do a small sample in a short time!
So I chose built in embroidery stitches to give the impression of them rather than reproducing the precise patterns. At least the colours are about right.

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