Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Samples 2015 - finished!

My weekly sample project for 2015 is now complete. Yay!!!

The full set of samples is on Facebook HERE (you don't have to belong to see them). These are a few of my favourites:

Bit of a struggle that one, tbh. I chose to use a picture from the Saturday Guardian, especially so I could share (and credit) the inspiration on this blog and my Facebook page. But the paper made it harder than I expected - the photos in the physical paper often weren't in the online version, so I was limited to what I could find on the website. And once I'd ruled out all the photos of people, there was very little left to choose from!   

So, that's NINE years of weekly samples  I've completed now - see a summary of the different projects HERE if you're interested. Sometimes they drive me crazy and I wonder why I'm doing this, but I really miss the challenge and variety if I don't. And I adore having the sets to look through for ideas.   

Maybe you'd like to try something similar? I'd love to see if you do!

I'm just finalising a new challenge for 2016, something simpler. Watch this space...

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