Friday, 8 January 2016

Weekly Sample Project 2016 - Intro!

Here we are then – year 10! 

I’m anticipating a chaotic year on the home front, but I still need (maybe more than ever) a weekly mini textile project. I’m addicted to my little samples for the fun, challenge, variety and serendipity. And the ever growing collection is a fabulous resource.
2015’s project was tougher than expected. Finding an image to start from on the Guardian’s website was difficult and took me ages. I couldn’t plan ahead at all as I could with the illustrated diaries I’ve used some years, so I fell behind every time I went away.

But 2014’s completely free project (anything on a 5cm card) showed me I prefer some direction, and to be pushed outside my comfort zone from time to time.
I do love the box of tiny samples though!
So here’s what I’ve decided to do for 2016:
52 styles or visual hints + 52 colour ideas = 52 random combinations!
I got Excel to mix up my two lists and combine them completely randomly – no cheating, that’d spoil the fun, so there’s some pretty odd pairings. But all allocated in advance, so I can make up little kits if I’m going to be away or something. 
I’ll try and post my efforts… starting with “Crackle” in “Sweet peas” colours. Hmm… is this really such a good idea?!


Sandy said...

What a good idea. I need a goal too and love to stitch.

Carrie said...

I like the idea of serendipity and chance. I often struggle to start sketchbooks and may just pinch this idea.

Iz said...

Ahhhh...I've just looked back to find the "root" of this year's samples - excellent plan!