Saturday, 29 October 2016

Samples 2016: Week 42, ZigZag/Lichen

Just fancied a bit of crochet this week, but I did make it difficult for myself by using the finest possible wool (mostly a DMC one meant for embroidery). Still enjoyed working a simple chevron pattern in lichen-y colours though.
I jazzed it up a little at the end with hand embroidery - orange French knots inspired by the bright (but tiny) fruiting bodies seen on some lichen, and some textured thread woven through for a bit more crunch. 

The sample is about 8cm x 6.5cm; I should give the sizes more often, sorry I forget, but they do all fit on A6/postcard. 


Anonymous said...

Could you just run down here and show me how to do it please? Just can't get the hang of it! :-)
lOve what you have done.

Beverley said...

Colours are so evocative of lichen. Crochet on small scale, wonderful.