Friday, 4 November 2016

Samples 2016: Week 43, Shiny/Spring

Shiny, hmm... first thought for something completely different was shisha. I dug out some very authentic (rough!) old shisha mirrors and thought about stitching them in spring colours.

Just in time I remembered - I did this for C&G and once is MORE than enough.

But sticking with the mirror idea I found some very shiny silver card and quickly zigzagged it in crocus-inspired colours. OK it's not one of my most memorable efforts, but I did save myself many hours of torture by swerving the shisha stitch :-)

The only pain then was trying to get a photo without reflections!

1 comment:

Beverley said...

Funny.... exactly once for C&G is enough. I had a pile of mirrors...mhmmm wonder where they are. But I love what you did, zig zag, boing, spring.