Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Samples 2015: Week 33, Treeconomics

Wool yarns embellished onto brown felt. Hand stitched sequins.
Source picture
"Introducing 'treeconomics': how street trees can save our cities. As a fight over 11 lime trees in Sheffield escalates, activists in cities all over the world are making the case for urban trees – to cut pollution, increase land value and even make you feel younger.”
Plane trees might be London’s most famous tree, but the city’s most common species is the apple tree, mainly hidden in gardens. Photograph: Robert Hardi/REX Shutterstock/Robert Hardi/REX Shutterstock
Sample design
A section to bring out the contrast between the tree foliage and the straight trunks interspersed with round lights.

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Anonymous said...

Simple, stylish and fun!